Overview of Two-spot

Two-spo screenshot Two-spot is an open source business administration foundation that runs on a LAMP stack and aims for ease of use and ease of modification. After learning a few key concepts, you can quickly navigate data and make modifications.

An alpha release is available in the download section and the current development version is available from a mercurial repository.

Ease of use

Two-spot aims to have as few main conventions as possible and to be obvious about what will happen when you try something. It keeps your data safe by logging changes so you can find out how errors were introduced and be able to revert them.

Related information can always be found, even if the related information is not part of the standard distribution.

Simple to modify

Everything changes, so Two-spot is built to be easy to adapt. Definitions can be changed in the database and standard library classes can be overridden to change behavior. It's possible to add additional fields on every form and to add completely new forms.

This kind of extensibility is, of course, inherent in Open Source. The nice setup with Two-spot is that you can make your changes separate from the main version of the software. When you want to update, you can simply install a new version and your own modifications are overlaid at run-time.

Current status

Two-spot current manages customers, employees, activities, orders, invoices, and documents. All existing features are still being worked on, and new features are being added, so it'll remain in alpha for some time still. The goal is for every release to be stable enough to test.

Available under the GPLv3 license

Two-spot is released under the GPL version 3 open source license. This means that you are free to download and use the software. You are free to make modifications to the software. If you distribute or make the software available for others to use, you are obligated to grant them the same rights under this license, and you have to offer the source code--including your modifications--on demand.

Parts of the software come from third parties and are available under the BSD or PHP license. See the licenses file in the distribution for more information.