Field types

Most fields, like in the country code example above consist of entering text straight up. Although there are other kinds of entry and edit fields available. Before each of these is always the name of the field you're entering.

Text fields

Text fields comes in two varieties, a single line input with a limit on the lenght and a full text entry where you can enter new lines and format text. The single line entry is always limited to the length that can be stored in the database, if you can't type more it's for a reason. Full text fields doesn't have a limit in the field, but there is still a limit in the database, although it's large enough that you'd need to enter the text of several books before reaching the limit.

Radio buttons

These allow one value to be selected and are used when only one selection is valid.


Checkboxes are allow selecting several values at the same time but work and look similar to radio buttons otherwise.


These have the same effects as radio buttons, you can select one value, but there are more values available and the content can be more dynamic.

Date and time fields

Date fields looks like normal text fields, but show below them what the date you enter is interpreted as. This is because it's free form. You can enter dates as "2009-01-31", "01/31/09", or "jan 31 2009" to get the same date stored. It's also possible to use relative dates. Note that relative dates are based on the previous value in the field when editing or sometimes a default value when adding new information. Entering "today" will show todays date if there is no default or previous value, but the previous entered day or default if it exists. Entering a weekday like "monday" will give you the next monday related the existing date, "+4 days" will show four days into the future and so on. See the calendar chapter for more example of usage.

Inline edit forms

Some forms are shown with only a summary text covering different parts of the data, they're surrounded by a green border. It's possible to click on the area to open a form that replaces the text and edit the data directly. If possible they have two action buttons, one to delete the information and another to save the updated data. When the data is saved, the form goes away and is replaced with the text description again.

Linked related information

This widget is a list of linked information, clicking the Edit bar will open a list of all available items that can be linked to the original record. Simply drag them to the left side to have them linked to the item, or back to the right to un-link them. The information is saved when the full record is saved.