Editing a customer record

When you open a customer the first screen will show the name of the customer followed by a tree of the relationships below that customer and next to that some information on the customer itself. If the customer belongs to other entities there will also be a list of those above it. When you find a person you can use that to go up to the company the person works for as an example. The tree will show those below, so in combination you can move both up and down in the list. When you select an employee below the customer the right will be replaced with that new record.

The menu on the side with Send email, Audit Trail, Connected and Notes applies to the company or person that you have opened, always the top level in the tree view and named on the top of the screen.

You can edit any entity in the treeview or move up to a higher level, but the menu always refer to the anchor entity currently viewed. If, for example, the Audit Trail of a lower level entity is of interest, simply click "[ Edit ]" on that entity to open that as the top level.

Customer information view

On the right side of the customer relationship tree is the edit forms, click on the section to change to get an editing form to update the values there. To add new data it's still required to click on Edit Entity and get full access.

Related customer information

Below the direct customer info is some related information, electronic addresses like email and phone followed by physical addresses and the team of people who work with that customer.