Chapter 4. Orders and Invoices

Table of Contents

Adding a new order
Editing an order
Invoicing and crediting.

A complete list of orders can be viewed on the same level as all customers. On each customer there's also a list with the orders from that customer and an menu item to add new orders.

Orders are the start of the workflow for handling quotes, sales orders, invoices, credit invoices, collection and delivery. The order record itself is always the status document, showing where in the process each customer is for one or several orders.

The workflow start with adding and direct sale order or a quote. Quotes are not implemented yet, currently it's simply a step before order.

The next stage is to invoice, To do this change the status of the order to Invoice and an invoice will be generated automatically. On the legal entity is a field to pick what template will be used for the invoice, and the template itself can have several translations that are picked by rules defined when the templates are created.

The generated invoice pdf file is attached to the customer, the order and the record of the invoice and also visible in the document view.

Adding a new order

From the customer it's possible to add new orders, they can start as Quotes or directly as a sale order. The arrival date defaults to today, but can be modified if needed, it's a pure date, the actual time is not recorded.

Currency is a list of configured currencies. Paymethod can be Invoice or credit card, since credit card handling isn't available Invoice is currently the only choice. Our ref defaults to whoever is logged in and adding the order. PO# is the customer Purchase Order number and is optional.

Contact person, delivery address and invoice address is all selected from the customer data. Sales channel and payment terms are defined in the system for possible values.

Each row contains one product and the quantity the customer ordered of that item. It's also possible to set a discount on each row. Click on "Add order row" to open up another row to enter.