Editing an order

The order editing form has the standard layout, looking similar to adding new orders. The menu has a few extra options however. "Order Dates" will show all dates on the order and allow those to be edited. The Status field will only list states that it's possible to enter from the current state, so from Quote both Order and Pending are possible, but from Pending it's not possible to Invoice, the state has to change to Order first and from there go to Invoice.

Comment is intended for internal notes, while Invoice note is intended to be printed on the invoice and visible to customer. However, this depends on the template used and that can be created to contain anything so thi is only convention.

Invoices will list all invoicing and crediting done for this order. Documents will show all documents connected to the order. Invoice PDF files will automatically be connected to the order when generated.

Orders are moved through a workflow by changing the status of the order. Any automatic handling will take place when the status changes. From status Order to status Invoice will generate invoice data for example, and switching from Invoice to Paid will also update dates and other fields.