Chapter 6. Calendar

Table of Contents

Calendar setup
Calendar views
The Activity form
Date entry examples

The calendar defaults to a simple montly view with all selected activites listed per day. You can enter a new activity by clicking on the + icon on each day, and open up an existing activity by clicking directly on it.

Each activity has a start date-time and an end date-time, so it's possible to enter both single day events and multi day events. When you enter a new activity through the calendar it only sets a default, you can change the dates in the entry form to get the activity on a different date, it's just a bit more typing.


On the calendar page, every time and date is converted to your local timezone, you might see a two hour activity from a differerent country span two days for example, if you open the activity you will see that it's actually in the afternoon, it's just happens to be around midnight your local time.

Calendar setup

There is some setup needed for the calendar to work properly, you need to make at least one calendar subscription - preferbly your own so you can see your own activities.

There are five subscriptions available, each with it's own colour. They're simply named color-1 up to color-5. With each colour you can select if you want to subscribe to a user calendar (all activities for that user) or an activity type. The latter case can be useful to see when people is on vacation for example.

If an activity fits into several subsciptions, your own vacation for example, it will be shown in the colour with the lowest number will be used in the calendar, so if your own activites use color-1 you will always see your own activites in the same colour. The subscription setup is personal, so different people using the system can each have five subscriptions to different activites. Note that you cannot see private activites, even if you do subscribe to another persons activities.