Calendar views

There are three calendar views, month, week, and day. They all show the same data. Under personal Settings (next to the search box) you can pick the default view you want to have when entering the calendar. In all views you can click on the + sign to add new activites for a day and click the activity to open it up to edit or change the status. Note that all views will show the activity in your local time, after you open it up it will show the time in the timezone the activity takes place.


This will show all activities for a full month in a traditional calendar format, you can change the first day of the week by changing your settings.


This view will show a week of activites and also non working day (holiday) information.


The only difference apart from only showing one day from the Weekly view is that you on this can click the add activity link on each hour to add an activity for that time. This view will also show non working days.