The Activity form

This form is used to both enter and edit an activity, you start by selecting the type of activity, this is defined elsewhere and is used to filter the activities for different views. You decide when setting up the software how you want to partion your activities.

The following two fields are "Starting" and "Ending", it defaults to now as the date already there, so if you click from the calendar and have already picked a day you only need to enter the start and ending times into these if it's a shorter activity that runs a fixed time. To enter a lunch for example you can enter "12:00" and "13:00" or "12pm" and "1pm" depending on what makes sense to you.

It's also possible to use the relative dates, if you need to push an appointment from monday to thursday, enter "thu, 12pm" for example, it will be calculated based on the previous date, so even if it's a few weeks in advance the date shown will be correct. If a date cannot be parsed it will say it's unfaimilar and you'll have to update. The warning will probably show while you edit it.

The information field contains any text that describes the activity. The first few words will be shown directly in the calendar so start with a short overview if possible.

The status fields are Tentative - for not fully committed activites, private - you don't want this to show up for anyone else. Completed is set after the activity is done and Cancelled after it's been cancelled. Public is the opposite of private, it means that the activity is fine to show to people outside the company on a website for example.

The last field is the timezone this activity takes place in. If you have people in different timezones the calendar will automatically convert dates and times as needed to show all activities in their local time instead of the Timezone activity. If you have an activity in a timezone different from your local timezone it can show up as midnight in the calendar, but if you open the activity to edit it you'll see that it's actually at one in the afternoon but in a different timezone instead. To people in that other timezone it will show up with the same time in both the calendar and directly in the activity view.