Modifying forms

This is the simplest kind of modification. It includes changing the layout to a form, adding more fields to a form and similar. Forms are normally stored in forms/ and the file name is the name of the table followed by the .frm extension.

The simplest case, to change the layout, is a simple case of copying the form you want to the local directory and then modified. It's handy to keep a copy of the original when you copied it so that changes in the mainline can be incorporated if needed.

So copy the file and make the changes. If you want to add more information to a form, you need to add it to the database first. This is done by modifying the tables.struct file. See the general layout of the file in the root folder of the application and simply add the required fields in a file using the same format in the local/ folder.

After this the field can also be added in the form and will be available to users.