Email template

Each email template has a language, a character set used for the actual sending of the email. The body text of the email can use the template definition system described in the "Template system" chapter above. Then there's the standard email fields of From, Subject, CC, and BCC. These can also use template codes to be replaced based on the data, useful mostly for Subject in most cases.

The "Select this" expression and the Default flag are used to automatically pick the right template when the system needs to pick a template on it's own. If there is a default template it should have both "Select this expression" set to "1==1" and the Default flag set. The system will pick a non-default template if there is more than one match, so the default flag is there to make sure it's not selected and the 1==1 expression there to make sure it is selected. For other languages you can pick the template based on country code, or other criteria if available. You can also let the customer or sales person select the language directly and in that case a default flag should not be required at all.