Calendar information

Here you can set calendar configuration, specifically right now NWDs or non working days.

You start by adding some general information. The name is required, then an optional description of the holiday. You can also add a link to more information.

Type determines how the date is set for each year. It can be one of the following.

You can set a flag to not show this holiday in the calendar. This is useful for the weekend Saturday and Sunday for example.

Hours not working should be 1 for a full day and .5 for half a day.

The country list is what countries have this holiday on the same day.

The last item is a list of dates this holiday occurs on. It's for reference, but also to add manual days or be able to modify the dates if the automatic assignment went wrong for a specific year. If you change an automatic date you should check the "Fixed" flag so that it's not switched back when updating the holidays.

Once you have your NWDs defined you can add them to countries, the "Days off per country" will show a list of all countries with a count of number of holidays defined for that country and the number of employees in that country. You can use it to check that you have all holidays defined for each country where there are employees. If you open the country you'll get a list of holidays that apply to that country. You can also list all assigned dates by clicking on list coutry dates where you can tweak them if needed.

"Update NWD this year and next" is there to generate the automatic holidays for this and next year. It should be run once per year to have next year defined as well.