Products have three levels, Product groups, Products and Pricepoints. Starting with adding the groups that the products should belong to, other configuration is simple if you have well defined groups, but even with the two extremes of a single group that holds all products or having one group per product it's possible to configure the system as desired, it's simply the two cases where the configuration and maintanence will take most time.

The second step is to add pricepoints. Pricepoints are simply a name and a collection of prices with dates and currencies. The price within the current date range will automatically be the active one, but there should only be one currency with a price active at a time. The dates are there to allow price changes to be entered ahead of time and be activated on the right date automatically.

Once the pricepoints are entered the products can be added. Products belong to a product group. They have a name that identifies and is printed in pricelists and on invoices. There is a status that can be nothing or a combination of Online and Active. They also have a pricepoint as defined earlier. Finally there's an activation date and a deactivation date. It's possible to set the deactivation date ahead of time instead of marking the product as deactivated on that date.

There is only one list of products and prices in Two-Spot. There will be other ways to modify the price based on location, customer, timed campaigns, discount codes or legal entity.