The translation system can be used to handle translating parts of the database content to get localized text to use for email templates or parts of the website.

Translate fields

Here you enter the table and fields you want to translate. You can also enter a term to filter on in case you don't want to translate the entire table but only a few rows. If you edit a line here you can also click on "Translate texts" on the side to change all translations to different languages for the specified table and field. This is less useful than doing the same thing per language where you get all translated fields in a specific languages instead.

Translate languages

In the list you enter the languages you want translations to. If you edit a language and click on "Translate texts" you can change all translations. The orange box holds the original text and the white box below it the translated text. Click on the translation text to update it. Starting out the original language will be used for every translation. Once you're done editing, click update to save the new text.

Refresh translations

This will simply take the fields and languages and make sure there is translation data available for it. After making changes to the fields or the languages you should run this to get the translation data set up. The original text will be copied into a translation field and will have to be updated manually by someone who knows the language.