Screenshots with explanations

The welcome screen looks like this at the moment, you have three main activities, work with customer, with employees (also users if access is granted) and system - the configuration sub system. The menu will slide to reveal more activities if they exist and it's fluid, so depending on the data you have you available options can change.

Under system is the database maintenance form where the structure of the database can be changed. The structure of the database is defined in several files, one for the standard distribution, one for local changes and each module can also have it's own changes. The changes can be previewed before applied so it's possible to one last check that the change is what's intended first.

There are plenty of values that can be configured at run-time for pick lists. This is the customer class linked to a cost-center. Values can be edited, deleted and added. It's not possible to delete a value from a pick list if it's already been used however.

Some configuration is predefined. It's needed for the software to work as expected. This check verifies that it's all there. It's possible to modify the preset configuration, but not to delete it, it will be inserted again the next time the check is run if removed.

Next to the search box is a Settings link that will let you set individual settings on how the data will be displayed to you. It can also contain other personal configuration that you can change at any time.

The Companies link shows a list of all companies that have been entered. It can be paged through but it's possible to filter and sort on different columns to find the record you're looking for. The search box at the top of the screen is better to simply find a record if you have something to search on, but it can sometimes be useful to get a complete list and sort on last updated date to get the customer that hasn't been contacted in the most time for example.

This is the main employee record screen. An employee record doubles as a user record, all employees can get access to the system. It' spossible to the list as the bottom of the screen is the employment record